What Is Set Iptv ?

SET IPTV -set iptv

SET is a TV service provider that offers IPTV services. They provide high-quality live and on-demand content to viewers.

SET IPTV is a complete media player for smartTV and Android tablets that allows you to open most of the video and sound formats that exist

Playing media files on a smarttv is usual. The video quality that they are able to offer these devices, like tablets, has improved enormously and they have become a popular option for watching movies and videos, especially when there is no player available.

There are hundreds of media players and you surely know software like VLC, Kodi or SMPlayer. Now you can add SETSYSTEME PLAYER as alternatives.

A multifunction reader compatible with most formats

The main advantage of this multimedia player for Android, SMARTTV is the compatibility with most of the known video and audio formats: MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG, AC3, WMA, OGG, AAC…

The other option of SETSYSTEME PLAYER that can battle against the rest of the media playback apps is its design. The interface and operation make this application very customizable software and adaptable to the tastes of users who can configure several of the reading and viewing options to their tastes.

Configure the Application Set IPTV on Samsung and LG TVs

SET IPTV offers a 7-day free trial at the start of the first installation. Then the customer has to pay 15.3 euros to activate it forever. Activation of SET IPTV will be handled in the Application Developer Portal

Turn on your Smart TV.
Remember that your television must be connected to the internet, if you want to download applications


Find the SET IPTV app:
In the “Most liked” category, select the “SET IPTV” application. The application page opens.

Tap Install.
Once on the application page, click on Download, then on Installation and finally on Run. There you have it, you have recovered the SET IPTV application on your Samsung television.


Note that the application is paid, it nevertheless offers you a trial period of 7 days
The price will be for the “SET IPTV” application is €14.99 to be paid once on the developer’s website: 👉
Once the process is complete, you will come directly to the SET IPTV application page and you can start using it.
If you want to configure your IPTV subscription on your own, here are the steps:
.TV MAC *: You put your mac address here
.M3u URL *: You put the m3u link provided by our support
.click on SEND to upload your playlist
.Relaunch your app now to Enjoy Live Channels! 😊

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